Fix for Youtube app not loading on XBOX 360 !!!!

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From the past three days i have been really tearing my hear out trying to get the YouTube application working on my XBOX 360.unfortunately i do not have a permanent fix for this but you can try one of the below as a workaround one of the following should definitely work
  • Go to your YouTube account login click on settings on the top right side of your YouTube userid--->Select MY Channel---->click on channel settings on the left hand side and rename your channel,Description and the tag and try to load the YouTube application once again.

  • If the above does not seem to work go to your Xbox dashboard and try changing your gamer picture and your personal picture and try again.This is a silly fix but has shown great results to many!!! 
  • If the above does not work either..Change your gamer,Personal picture once again from your Xbox dashboard select party--->Start a party try once again.
As i said one of the above must definitely work for you guys all the fixes here sound silly but try it and if you still face problems let me know what happens exactly and ill try my best to help you out.


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