How to create read more in between posts

Sometimes when you show full blog posts on the main page the  blog tends to look over crowded and you end up showing only limited posts as not everyone likes scrolling down a lot .Its always good to show more than one post on your main page but how do you do that without requiring your readers to scroll down a lot?well,the answer is simple.You must have noticed in a
few websites or blogs there are quite a few posts which are broken with something that says read more or click here to read more etc.How do you create this on your blog?well thats also very simple.On your blog post page below the title there are a few options like fonts,inserting pictures etc.On the same line next to inserting videos you will see a symbol Jump Break to create read more which is insert jump break. You can click on insert jump break anytime in between your post to stop the post from displaying anymore before showing read more.Once you do this you will see that rather than a full post only a portion of the post selected by you will be displayed which will have readmore next to it for your readers to click on to see the entire post.

below is the example in a screenshot

Blog post screen to create insert Jump break


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