Tips to impress an interviewer at a job interview

I am most of you reading this will either be done with your college or will be very close to it and in the near future will be attending a few interviews.Let me share with you a few tips which will help but does not guarantee  success until you really apply it and are focused.Trust me when you will read this you will end up saying its so simple and i never saw it.This is my personal experience.I still remember my first interview i was really nervous about it,I did not get the job but i  got a clue of what to expect for the next,When i went for my next interview i got selected.I wondered what i did different and found out how just a  few simple things made a huge impact between me being rejected in my first job and being accepted on the second job.Below i will write a few normal ethics you need to follow while you are going for an interview

  1. Do a background check on the company.By background check i mean check out what they do,How many branches they have,How many services they have to offer,These days almost every company has a website so if you do a google search you should not have a problem with finding its website and all the information.
  2. Have a clear mind before going for an interview,DO NOT ask from a employee working in the company  for any of the company's information as this is actually considered a breach,and if he is not sure about something it can lead to you knowing something that is incorrect.
  3. Always be at your best personality while performing in the interview as this makes a huge impact."Attitude" is something that will never work out in your favor.You need to treat the interviewer the way you need to be treated,
  4. When you are called upon for an interview be humble enough to knock on the door and open the door and always ask "Can i come in?" and then enter the room.
  5. Again when you enter the room dont just go and sit there go inside stand next to the seat and let the interviewer tell you to have a seat its silly but works out well!!!
  6. Always start with a greeting and sit in the position of the number four and not leisurely as this will show what kind of attitude you have
  7. When the interviewer asks you for your resume if you are nervous and shaking just slide the resume on the table rather than giving it in hand as this will reduce your points
  8. When asked about any questions be very positive try not to use the negative language such as i dont,i never,i do not,i hate, or keep it to the minimum.
  9. If you are having more than one interviewer make sure you have an eye contact with both of them time to time so one of them does not feel left out.
  10. Always be honest,outright and assertive when answering any questions.Just a point to remember there is a thin difference between being assertive and arrogant you need to know when to accept if your wrong.


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