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The Amazing spiderman was a game i was looking forward to especially after playing Spiderman:Shattered Dimensions.The game is not bad at all but the constant framerate lags seemed to be causing a hassle and spoiled the fun of the game.So after a lot of digging around i managed to find a fix which to an extent solved the issue.Below are the steps to fix the frame rate issue
  • Download the D3D9 dll for ATI and paste it in the directory where you have the game installed the directory will look like the example below.
    c:\program files\activision\The Amazing Spiderman.change c:\ with the drive where you have installed the game
  • If you face an issue where the game does not load  after copying the above file delete it from the folder and download the second file D3D9Gen b3 which is a 3mb file and will help in generating a new d3d9.dll file. when you download the file Double-click on D3D9Gen.jar to run the program and follow the steps below

Please make sure the computer has Java installed.

Below are the full steps to generate the DLL file

Set it to List, select a card you want to try, and hit "Generate DLL". It will then create a d3d9.dll in the directory the program is in.

Set it to Text, and try detecting your own card. Try #1 first, then #2, then   #3. #3 can correctly detect weird cards (hybrid integrated/dedicated) but is
   extremely slow.

Put your new d3d9.dll in your game directory; normally this is
Program files\activision\the amazing spiderman

When you are generating a new dll file if your using an ATI card select Nvidia from the list any selectionshould be fine i selected NVIDIA 8800 which worked fine.

this is an Alternate D3D9.dll which results in better performance/compatibility for users of recent ATI cards by properly configuring FaceGen. Also available is a generator of semi-customized DLLs.

Install: Drop this in your The Amazing Spiderman directory.

Hope this helps it increased my gaming framerate by 20 FPS.

Incase if your not able to open the configuration menu to setup your resolution AA etc move the d3d9.dll file that you just created to a different folder and open the configuration menu and make the required changes and save the configuration and then move the file back to the amazing spiderman directory and play.

If you are continue to face problems i would recommend you to check out the main page here as this is the place i found the fix from. 

Click here for a few in game pictures and videos of the amazing spiderman.Also don't forget to check out the gaming moments of the day from the video games menu on the above screen. 

This fixed my problem and was a fix i found on the internet which worked well for me  please note i dont own this fix so use this at your own risk !


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