Top ten unbelievable miracles around the world

There is a thin line between Coincidence and Miracles.Many think miracles are just coincidences and nothing else.I am sure at some point of time most of us would have thought and said "Wow that's unbelievable". Through this post i am going to share with you the top ten most unbelievable miracles which if does not change your mind will at least make you wonder that Miracles really exist.

10.A Man Survives despite Iron rod Piercing his chest:
Fatal Accident
Photo Courtesy:W. Robert Howell

A fatal car crash and an iron rod pierced through the chest.What do you think the chances of survival are?I think zero.But a 23 year old Delhi(India) based executive proved us otherwise.Miraculously for him the iron rod missed all his vital organs and was successfully removed by doctors.He was discharged from the hospital two weeks later and made a full recovery.

09:A 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth:

Photo Courtesy:Zivya
A 70 year old woman  married for 50 years gave birth to her first child.This is more of the medical Miracle.Apparently the 70 year old woman conceived after vitro fertilization and a technique called intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, that makes the process of fertilizing the egg with poor quality sperm a little easy.Still at 70 this is no less than a miracle right?

08:Growth of a tree in Man's Lungs:

Small Tree
A few Surgeons in Russia while treating a patient to remove a cancerous tumor were in for a shock when they saw a 5 centimeter tree growing inside his lung.The experience was so surprising for the doctors that they had to blink their eyes more than once to believe what they were seeing.

 07:A Man survives without food and water for 70 years:

Old man PortraitA Hindu yogi claimed that he survived for 70 years without any food or water.A normal person would hardly survive for three to four days.The Hindu yogi also said the reason behind this was because he was blessed by a goddess when he was 8 years old which lets him stay healthy.This had mesmerized the hospital staff who were monitoring his condition co check out what exactly was keeping him healthy in spite of no intake.

06:San Antonio haunted railroad crossing:

Photo Credit:Superpower
During the 1930s -1940s, a school bus filled with children met with a horrific accident as a speeding train smashed into the bus which killed 10 children and the bus driver.Till this date it is known that if you stop the car 20-30 yards from the tracks and put it in neutral gear or turn off their engines the car begins to move. It starts of slowly and then gains momentum  on its own.Some even claim to see hand  print of children on the back of the car after they cross the railway tracks.

05 Miracle of Karni Mata(Temple Of Rats):

Durga Mata
Photo Credit: Sankarshansen
Karni Mata temple which is located At a distance of 30kms south of Bikaner(India) is known for people coming from around the world.Rats are worshiped in this temple and dine along with the devotees and it is considered auspicious if they run over the legs of the devotees.There are around 15-20 thousand rats.The miracle is that even though there are so many rats present there has not been a single case of plague,Rat Bite or any disease reported.

 04.A cow gives birth to a Human Baby:

In Thailand it was reported that a cow gave birth to a kind of an alien baby.After close examination it was confirmed that the baby indeed looked like a human.Though the baby died soon after birth the local residents performed rituals and poured baby powder onto the dead body and burnt incense in their belief to cleanse the area of evil and and a hope that it is reincarnated peacefully.

03.Hindu God Ganesha drinking Milk from a spoon:

Lord Ganesha

This was one of the well known miracles of the 1990's.It was repoted that God Ganesha was drinking milk from the spoon.On September 21, 1995 a hindu worshipper made the offering of milk to god ganesha and when a spoonfull of milk was said to disappear from god ganesha's trunk.As soon as this happened the news spread like wildfire and the same was reported from different places as well.

02. Brazilian Boy comes back to life at his own funeral:


A two year old Brazilian boy stopped breathing while being treated for pneumonia and his body was handed over to his family members ho kept the body in an open coffin.To everyone's surprise the two year old boy got up and asked "Daddy,Can i have some water?"  before lying back lifeless again.His family members delayed the funeral with hope that he would wake up again but he never did.

01.A girl remembered her past life:

Girl image

A little girl in 1930's started to claim that she believes her past life.When the girl was about 4 years old she claimed that she was married and had died 10 days after giving birth to her child.She also confirmed her husbands name and the town where she used to live in.To everyone's surprise when a cross check was done all of this was considered to be very accurate as there was a man with the same name as specified by the young girl who had lost his life ten days after she gave birth to their child.

With so much happening around the world do you still doubt miracle still is present somewhere in some form?


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