Ten Weird UFO Encounters around the world

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Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO encounters are reported a lot from the people around the world.Some people report that they see a ray of light shooting through the sky,some claim they have seen an alien spaceship or some feel they were abducted and have a faint memory of it .Among those encounters there are a few that stand out.Check out 10 of strange UFO encounters around the world.

10.A UFO above local Lawn Bowling club

UFO Above a house
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On the night of 12th February 2010 Roy Shaw a paranormal skeptic in Devon,England was walking his dog when he was startled to see an odd object hovering over the sky.At first it was not very clear to him and he moved in a different position to get a better look of the UFO which positioned itself above the local bowling club.To his amazement the object zigzagged around before landing on the far side of the green.he was amazed to see a 100 feet  long spacecraft with blue and red lights streaming along it’s underside.He further stated that at a point a 4ft high white apparition exited from the ship and floated towards him across the lawn.His dog who is normally very calm started growling at the spirit.After which Shaw ran for his life and was so scared that while running he ended up twisting his ankle.Another dog walker claimed to see the spacecraft go at 45 degree angle across the sky.

09.A Woman's Experience with a strange Man:

On November 21st 1989 in suffolk,England a woman telephoned RAF Wattisham to report a strange encounter she had with a man the night before.While the woman was walking her dog near the sports field she was approached by a man who wore light brown overalls that resembled a flying suit and had a Scandinavian type accent.He asked the woman if she was aware of the large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat, and further claimed that he was from another planet similar to Earth,and said that the circles had been caused by others like him who had traveled to Earth.” The man further said their visits were friendly but they were not allowed to make contact with the humans when seen as a threat.All of a sudden while talking the man turned back and ran.The woman who was filled with panic by now understood the gravity of the situation to run back home.While running she heard a loud noise and saw  spherical object disappear into the atmosphere.
08.The Wyoming case

HumanoidWhile Hunting In Medicine Bow National Forest at Wyoming Carl Higdon took an aim and fired at an Elk when he saw something strange.The bullet that he had fired moved in a slow motion.When he went to retrieve the bullet he felt something even more strange and when he turned around he saw a humanoid over six feet tall wearing a black Jumpsuit, a wide belt decorated with a six-pointed star and emblem of yellow. It had straight hair standing out from his head, no eyebrows, bow-legs and long arms ending with rod-like appendages instead of hands.The Humanoid asked him if he was hungry and gave him a 4 pills and told him if he had the pills he wont be hungry for four days. After this the humanoid pointed at him post which he was instantly in a transparent device wearing a helmet.After this two more humanoids appeared carrying the 5 elks Higdon had previously hunted; Which were now in an unnaturally frozen state and stiff.Higdon was told he was being taken to their home planet which is some 163,000 light-years away, after which higdon subsequently arrived there in a flash.Regarding the description of the planet higson said that there were many buildings that were similar to the Seattle Space needle, but the planets sun was of intense heat. The next thing he remembered was being back in Medicine Bow Park with 2 and a half hours elapsed. He was in a deranged state and was unable to find his truck at first but eventually found it 3 miles away. He radioed in the sheriff who found him shouting "They took my elk". After he was examined in the local hospital all his vitamin levels were miraculously high, and tuberculosis marks he had on his lungs had vanished.It was also stated that Higdons wife along with 2 other people in the area saw green and red lights in the sky on the night when he was abducted.

07.The Western France Case

On the 30th of September 1954 a Well respected local man named George Gatay was in charge of an 8 man crew working at a construction site. While working he felt a ‘peculiar drowsiness.He felt compelled to walk, even though he did not know why he was walking or where he wanted to go as if it was some force that was compelling him to do so .After he stopped at a place he saw a sight of an unknown being around 30 feet away on a hill.He described the description of the unknown being as having an opaque glass helmet, grey coveralls and short boots.Gattay stood in a paralyzed silence.While he gazed at the creature in amazement, something more weirder happended as he stated that the strange man suddenly vanished, Gattay then ran back to the site to ask if someone else had seen something and everyone confirmed of seeing a UFO and complained of drowsiness.Gattay had headaches and was unwell for a week after the incident.

06.The Strange Woman:

Humanooid portraitDuring the early months of 2004 on a busy saturday afternoon Adrian Hicks who was in town center  was having lunch in his local bar and purchased books at a local book store when he noticed something odd about a woman walking through a local rural street. She had unusual clothes and there was something different about her.After he followed her with his eyes he noticed the woman did not look  human.It is said that‘She was a humanoid who was walking with a penguin like gait and had very large oval eyes and twirled her hands in a circular motion but seemed to be friendly and at ease.Hicks further stated that She wasn’t scared and was smiling,enjoying herself among them.

05.The case of tall men at the crop circle:

Photo Courtesy:Nibor

During early hours of morning in July 2009 an off duty police sergeant was driving along the A4 motorway at around 5.a.m,while he was passing Silbury hill an area which had history of UFO sightings, he noticed 3 exceptionally tall men standing in a field examining a recently made crop circle. He noticed that they had shining blonde hair and were dressed in white coveralls with their hoods down.Intrigued by such a bizarre spectacle,the seargent parked his car and approached the men.He tried shouting at them,but was ignored by the men but when he entered the field the three men became aware and turned towards him before running off at miraculous speed and headed southward from the hill.The seargent tried following them but soon realised he was no match for them.After the sergeant glanced away for a second and looked back they had vanished.

04.The Zimbabwe Encounter

Photo Courtesy:Rei-artur
On the 14th of September 1985 in Ariel Elementary in Ruwa a place close to Harare in Zimbabwe children noticed a glowing object in the sky which appeared and disappeared randomly and finally landed 100 feet away from the school into the bushes an area which was off limits.At this point of time there was no adult to supervise the children as there was a meeting going on at school.The only adult present there was a parent running a tuck shop close to the school entrance.After the UFO decended it was told by the students that a small man came out of the flying object and silently stared at the children for a few moments before re entering the ship and soaring off in high speed.A shaken 12 year old even said that through his eyes the small man conveyed the message that the natural beauty and resources were being ravaged and polluted beyond repair.

03.The Livingston case

Yellow Signboard of UFO

Robert Taylor, a forester who was employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, left his house at 10.30am on the 5th of November, 1979, to check on some saplings he had planted at Dechmont Law, a secluded ,forested hill.He was accompanied by his dog and parked the truck to proceeded further towards the location on foot.What happened next surprised Robert as he saw a silent and motionless spherical object Suspended in mid air Parts of the object were transparent and seemed to morph, by which taylor thought that the object was trying to make itself invisible, or had a way to do so. As he went to walk toward the object, two small metal spheres covered with  metal rods ejected from the UFO and began to roll towards him and attached themselves to each of his legs, they emitted a substance that made him gag for air and lose consciousness.When he woke up he found himself facing towards the grass with the UFO gone and his dog barking wildly.When he tried to call his dog he realized he had lost his voice, and, when he tried to stand, he realized he couldn’t stand or walk either.He crawled and staggered back towards his truck and eventually regained his ability to walk and talk, he accidentally ditched his truck in wet mud while he tried to drive in such a dazed and shaken state. As he managed to reach home his wife thought he had been assaulted as he stood swaying in their doorway: his face was grazed, trousers badly torn and his clothes covered with mud. While the police were called the investigations gave interesting facts.The section of land where he encountered the UFO was covered with  peculiar indentations, none of which matched any forestry equipment or vehicles that were being used on the Law. The tears on his trousers  revealed that he had been pierced by an unknown implement, with the nature of the tears determining that whatever tore his trousers had attempted to lift him in an upwards direction.This still remains unsolved.

02.Marconi Systems

Marconi tower
Photo Courtesy: Andrew Pickess
Marconi Systems a defense and aeronautics engineering firm had Twenty Five engineering experts which included scientists and digital communication specialists who succumbed to ‘suicide’ and ‘accidents’ over a span of 6 years between 1982 and 1988.Many researchers blamed the deaths to revolutionary infrared radar technology being developed by the company, and the Stars Wars defense initiative, which Marconi played a significant part in, due to America’s literal colonization of British defense innovations, a situation that continues to this day.While walking down one of the corridors,Marconi noticed a blue light emitting from underneath one of the doors. The guard drew out his gun as the only person authorised to be there was Marconi and no one else as the room contained classified documents.The guard bursted into the room, and was horrified to see a humanoid,wearing some form of headlight which emitted the blue glow, The humanoid quickly turned towards the guard and erased itself in a blue haze right before his eyes and disappeared.The guard went to the security outpost to tell his story and the building was locked down and next morning the guard was taken by 2 military psychiatrists never to be seen again

01.The Varginha Case

Varginha UFO incidentThe Varginha case has gained a lot of attention and controversy among hardcore UFO enthusiast.Several attempts have been made to thoroughly investigate the case and make conclusive findings. The 2002 book ‘UFOS over Brazil’ by American UFO expert Dr Roger Leir, is the closest so far.The North American Aerospace Defense Command found an unidentified object soaring above the western hemisphere on the 13th of January, 1996. It entered Brazilian airspace and the Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Centre  were contacted, who  alerted the Brazilian Army command based at Tres Coracoes, giving them the instructions that all wings of the Brazilian military were to be put on high alert.Following this a lot of rumors of mass UFO sightings began doing the rounds throughout southern Brazil and this made significant development on the 20th of January, when in a rural town in Minais Gerais a witnesses  reported seeing a ‘Submarine shaped craft’ which cruised 20ft above the ground, which looked like it was damaged or malfunctioning. Moving at a very slow pace and emitting some form of smoke, it was heading towards Varginha. On 21st, strange creatures were seen wandering around the town in an incapacitated and horribly confused state. Villagers panicked and notified the police and fire brigade, informing them that  the town had been overrun by monsters. According to several witnesses army was quickly contacted and 2 of the creatures were captured without resistance, with one of them shot dead and the other being transferred to the Hospital to receive treatment for the injuries sustained during crash. The Orthopedic Surgeon Leir was was interviewed said he was instructed by armed officers to begin a surgical scrub and prepare to perform a fracture reduction on plainly ‘a leg’. Leir interviewed the other surgeons and assistants who all stated the operating theatre was sealed except for one entrance which was manned by armed officers, who were unaware of what was in the theatre. The flow of military officials and hospital personnel  was strictly monitored, with only a small required team of staff being allowed inside. Corrective surgery was performed on a fracture of the femur of its upper thigh.The creature was described as being around 5ft, with massive red eyes, a thin neck and dark brown skin which looked wet but was dry to the touch.Its sex was indeterminable. All attempts made to communicate verbally with the creature failed and  it’s wound healed completely within 24 hours. After surgery the surgeon noticed the aliens eyes fixated upon him. He then began to feel ‘hammer- like blows’ to his head and chunks of information began to pound and cram his mind, which are known as ‘Thoughtgrams’. The surgeon has never revealed the full extent of what the Alien told him, but among other things it told him that it’s race felt sorry for humans, because we are largely detached from our spiritual selves and are unaware of the amazing things we can accomplish, that it’s race already have.The surgeon had headaches for the 2 weeks following the event and was reduced to a quivering wreck when telling this aspect of the story to Leir. Two days later, several witnesses saw US military cargo planes at Sao Paolo Airport, which were presumed to be collecting the crashed craft and its occupants.The story was picked up in its most basic by The Wall Street Journal, who ran it on their front page as a story as centrally dealing with a unknown object in Brazil. While some people will perceive the story as baseless and futile nonsense.What do you think about it?


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