Top Ten Unforgettable Boy Bands of the 90's

The 90's was an era of  the"Boy Bands" i feel this was the time when the songs actually meant something.No Offense to the music i hear these days as they are great as well but i feel somewhere something has been lost between 1990's music and the music now.Keeping my thinking aside below are my favorite top ten boy bands i grew up watching and who i feel cannot be forgotten easily.


Hanson mmmbop cover

Hanson were a band which was formed in 1992.Their song mmmbop gave them instant success and was a chart topper for many days as well.There was another song by Hanson called "Isn't it weird" which i used to love during my school days.I don't think that song was a huge hit but i just loved it.

09.Boyz II Men:

Boyz II Mean Boy Band

Boyz II Men had an apt name for their boy band if you were a teen in the 90's.End of the road was one of their most famous songs and they won four Grammy awards.

08. 98 Degrees:

98 Degrees Boy Band

Though the name of the band is 98 degrees you will definitely get a fever of addiction of this band.For now i can think of two songs from the band "Because Of You" and "I Do(Cherish You)both of which were super hits and i still remember they were chart toppers for quite a while.

08. 911:

911 Boy Band

I didn't think i will say this but after 98 degrees it is 911.One of the most cutest boy bands of the 90's.Although i didn't hear many of their songs but from the two that i heard which were "Love Sensation" and "Body Shakin" they looked great.


A1 Boy Band

A1 was one of the most lovable British bands.There was a song called "Take On Me" which was actually performed by the band named "AHA"i have heard both the versions but i feel the one made by A1 was musically much better.No offense to the band AHA as they created the song quite a while back.



This was one of those bands which created a lot of addicting songs in the 1990's.There were so many songs which i used to love from the band when i was young such as

  • When the lights go out
  • closer to me
  • lets dance
  • Until the time is through
  • Slam Dunk The Funk
  • If Ya Getting down
  • Got the feeling

05.Take That:

Take That

For those who don't know Robbie Williams was actually a part of the Boy Band "Take That" during the 90's.My favorite album of the band was "Everything Changes" which was one of the top selling albums and was nominated for the mercury prize in 1994.


Nsync No Strings Attached

I remember when the album "No Strings Attached" was released by Nsync i had run around the streets searching for a cassette(There were no cds available at that time) and when i did get it there was not a single song i didn't like.Tearing up my heart,Bye Bye Bye and its gonna be me are a few which i still love listening to.

03.Backstreet Boys:

Backstreet Boys

There will be very few people who love music and don't know the backstreet boys.This band had almost everything the meaning to a song,Nick Carter's famous haircut and the bands superb co ordination."Everybody" was a song that's still played whenever there is a 90's theme party anywhere.



During the 90's era if you needed to impress a girl it was a good idea to sing her a song by Boyzone.That's the impact this boy band created.Their style compared to the backstreet boys was different but the impact was the same.The two people who made a difference to both backstreet boys and boyzone were Nick Carter and Ronan Keating respectively.I still love hearing the songs by boyzone such as words,No matter what,you needed me,Key to my life,all that i need,picture of you and many more the list is just never ending.


Westlife Greatest Hits

It was a very tough choice for the number 1 but i will go with Westlife.This band even though is somewhat still in existence has produced some great hits like If i let you go,My Love,seasons in the sun,I Lay My Love on  you and many more.for me this band is like the modern boyzone.

The top ten list i have created here is just for fun and what i feel.To be completely honest i believe all the 10 should be number 1 but that spoils the fun doesn't it?


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