How to stream movies with subtitles on Xbox 360

PS3 Media Server

After wasting a lot of time re encoding movies to hardcode the subtitles i finally found a simple solution to stream movies or videos to Xbox 360 console with subtitles(SRT Subtitle files)I tried an application named Tversity earlier which i found quite complicated though it did its job of streaming movies very well loading subtitle through it was very complicated so i gave up.After a bit of researching online i found a simpler,easy and a free solution.PS3 Media server for me has been one of the most efficient applications to play almost all movies in all formats with subtitles on the tv through the Xbox 360.All you need to do is the following.

  • Settings up PS3 Media Server is simple.Go to PS3 Media Server Website and download the latest version of the software.
  • Once downloaded wait for the tick mark as shown in the above screenshot.Don't worry if it shows unknown render that's quite normal.
  • Switch on your Xbox 360 and the screen will show as the following with a picture of the console you are trying to stream the movie or a video.

PlayStation 3 Media Server Application

  • After the console appears  you need to go to the tab  Navigation Share Settings and click on add at the bottom of the screen to add the folder where your videos or movies are as shown in the screenshot below.
Sony Playstaion 3 Media Server
  • Make sure that the .SRT(Subtitle files)are located on the same folder as the video or movie with the same name as the movie or the video.For example if your movie name is ABCD.AVI make sure the subtitle is named as ABCD.SRT.
  • Once you are done click save on top of the screen and then go to your Xbox Dashboard--> Applications -->System Video Player-->Ps3 Media Server(Computer Name) and play the movie and it will play with the subtitles.
I never knew the PS3 media server will work on Xbox as well but to my amazement it works flawlessly with no problems whatsoever.The only Problem is at times while watching a few movies it does not forward or rewind but apart from that this works wonders and the best part of it is its free.


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