LCD touch-screen Biometric sensors included in PS4 controller?

Black Color Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console with controller

We can expected a lot of new innovations in the upcoming next gen consoles.After microsoft has confirmed a new lllumiRoom feature on its next console PS4 is not too far behind as CVG has claimed that the senior source has confirmed that the Sony's research and development department have been testing various different design for their next generation controller with LCD touch-screen Biometric sensor being one of them.

The features of the biometric technology include reading data from a gamer's body which includes heart rate and temperature, among others.

This information has also been confirmed by a few sources to Eurogamer that this is now being tested by Sony since 6 months.

The idea looks too good to be true.With so much on the way Sony might just be in the process of clearing just another blockbuster of a console.


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